Postgraduate Studies



Are you considering a postgraduate degree? Given how competitive job seeking is nowadays, it’s best to give yourself all the opportunities and the edge over others. A lot of university coordinators and lecturers encourage postgraduate studies because they know that it sets you apart from all the other graduates in your course. It puts you and holds you to a different regard than other applications.



Not only do you get the good jobs with a postgraduate degree but you also get paid better. Better opportunities, better pay. Really, it’s all you can ask for. Postgraduate studies can also help you progress your career or explore new career paths. Through further study, you can learn numerous more transferrable and valuable skills to apply in your workplace.



Plus, the people you meet at this level are most likely going to be your connections in the industry. It’s always good to expand your network and create good bridges and have a good reputation among colleagues and peers. This sets you for a lot of good opportunities in the long run.

Postgraduate studies puts you in a lot more control of your subjects, hours, and conditions throughout the duration of your study. You get to choose how you study, your schedule and basically, you get to build your degree.


As a La Trobe graduate, you may be eligible for a 10% fee reduction when you apply for a full-fee postgraduate by coursework program. More about the Alumni Advantage here.

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