Applying for Special Consideration

Exams are just a few days away and we are all preparing like crazy. Unfortunately, certain situations might prevent us from taking our exams sometimes. If an unexpected situation comes up, you may me eligible to apply for special consideration. Applying for special consideration allows you to resit an exam at another occasion if an unforeseeable situation prevents you from taking it on its original date.



Serious illness or injuries, emotional disturbance or misadventures that don’t allow you to take your exams are all valid reasons to apply for special consideration.

Supporting documents

You have three working days after the exam day to apply for special consideration, and need to provide supporting documentation to back up your application. Supporting documentation includes medical certificates, police reports or a letter from a counselling service. The documents must state the day of the events, the duration, and the severity and how they impede you from taking the exam. Note that if you don’t include supporting documents, your application will automatically be declined.




If your application is declined, you have 10 days to appeal the decision. Your appeal must provide evidence saying that the decision was either biased or not assessed according to the appropriate criteria. Keep in mind that appealing a decision does not guarantee that the result will be different.

To read more on special consideration and submit an application, follow this link. Hopefully none of us will have to apply for special consideration and everything will run smoothly, but we all have to be informed just in case! Good luck with your studying and see you in another post.