Handling Exam Stress and Anxiety

Exam period is just around the corner and stress is at an all-time high. Reviewing (or relearning) the contents of an entire semester can become very overwhelming. Getting stressed and anxious during these times is completely normal, so don’t feel bad if you experience this! The trick is to know how to handle these feelings properly. Not handling stress can really affect our exam performance and even our lives, and nobody wants that. So here are some tips to relax a little bit and make the most of the upcoming weeks!


I am far from being a fitness guru or something, but exercising is one of my favourite way of relieve stress every day. When you are exercising you are not thinking about anything else, you are just focused on the moment (and on not dying from breath shortness). Whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a bike ride or playing soccer, find an activity you enjoy and get active! Your mind will probably thank you. There are plenty of ways to get moving on campus, just take a look at the UniSport webpage.


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Or do other activities

If you are not of the exercise type of person, that is fine! You just gotta find an activity that you like and that clears your mind. Take some time off your day to grab a coffee with some friends, have lunch, or simply take a walk around home or campus. Painting, dancing, singing, do whatever you want! Just try to get off the library or your room and take a real break. Just don’t get caught up in Netflix or Facebook all day.


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Try to eat healthy

Ok, we all know this is a difficult one. During these times of stress, cravings can become more frequent and we are prone to eat everything in front of us. Take advantage of the fact that classes are over and you have some time for cooking. Eating healthy will help with your learning and exam performance.


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Get good sleep

Also a difficult one during exams, but try to be efficient with you study during the day so you can get some good sleep every night. We’ve all been there, desperately studying late at night, and we all know it’s not worth it. Not sleeping can really affect your learning and will only make things worse.


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Get help if needed

Nothing increases stress during exams than having a bunch of doubts. It is even more stressful if you have been dragging these doubts throughout the whole semester. If you have any questions about your subjects, don’t hold them in, that only makes things worse. Many lecturers offer consultation sessions that you can attend to sort any questions you may have. Otherwise, just send them or your demonstrators an email to get things sorted. Also, if you happen to live on residence, you can get 3 hours of free┬átutoring! Just go to Accommodation Services and they will try to pair you up with another student that got a good mark for the subject you’re struggling with.


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Talk things out

If you have an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety, know that you are not alone. La Trobe provides Counselling Services that you can use to get things off your chest. If you feel that you cannot handle things on your own, make sure to take a look at their website and go have a talk with them. Remember that your mental health and well-being are the most important things.


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Only three more weeks guys, just a little bit more pushing and we’ll all get through it. Summer break is just around the corner! Just try to balance your time between work and play and you’ll be totally fine. I really wish you all the best of luck during exams and I’ll see you in another post!