Re Enrol for Next Year!


Last week of classes… yahooooooo! 

I can feel summer approaching today, it is even warm enough to take your jumper off! Are you finding it hard like me to stay focussed when the end of the year is so near?  I have had to make myself the dreaded list this week to keep focussed.  All the little and big things yet to achieve before I get to go to the beach with my kids.


So before we get too carried away with impending holidays and relaxationing (yes I know its not a word but it is so descriptive)… we need to take care of a few things.  Then, when you put your pencil down after your final exam, you can switch off for a couple of months knowing all the important things for next year are taken care of like re enrolment.


So why should you re enrol now?

Well firstly, because it guarantees your spot in your course for Semesters 1 and 2 of 2017. It helps the University plan your classes and provide the best service too, which ultimately benefits us in the end.



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Who needs to re enrol?

All students that haven’t finished their degree yet, need to re enrol for 2017.  Even if you are worried about marks or receiving a pass for this semester, the advice is to re enrol now, and seek assistance should you need it once you receive your grades.  You might be finishing your degree mid year 2017 (you lucky thing), so you need to re enrol for Semester 1 only.


Do you need help?

If you are having problems enrolling through Student On Line, there is help available.  Did you know that La Trobe are hosting re-enrolment sessions?  They started on the 11th October, and run until 30th November.  Now is the time to get help if you need it.


To make a booking:

Telephone: 1300 LA TROBE (1300 52 87623)

Online:  ask for an appointment via this link and let them know that the reason you are getting in contact is for ‘help with re enrolment’.

For more useful information, or help with your re-enrolment, follow this link to the La Trobe Re Enrolment page.