Get a Head Start with the Career Ready Mentoring Program!



Haaaaaay…. guess what?  I was reading the student update today and this program was really worth writing about.  SHE college students… let’s get in first and help ourselves get ahead and be sure of our career path and direction.


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So what is it?

Careers and Employability are running the ‘Career Ready Mentoring Program’.

This program caters for undergraduate students, and exposes them to careers in a broad range of professional study areas.  The program goes for 6 weeks beginning in November, within which you will need to be available for regular  online or in person meetings with your mentor.

The best bit is that you are matched with a La Trobe alumni who has achieved success in their profession.  These mentors have practical knowledge about your chosen area with whom you will collaborate and set learning goals.


The program will cover:

Career options and pathways, industry knowledge, resumes, interviews, and job applications and a look at employers and labour markets.

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There are over 30 mentors from the following fields:

  • Business: management, marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, and HR
  • Communications
  • Psychology
  • IT
  • Education and teaching
  • Science research, engineering, and bio-medicine
  • Social services, public health, and social work
  • Government


How do you apply?

To express your interest in joining the program, please fill out this Expression of Interest Form by Friday 28 October.


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