Google Impact Challenge – Support OTARC – Vote Today!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for La Trobe’s OTARC in the Google Impact Challenge so far…



But we need as many votes as we can get before voting closes on October 26!

otarc_google_impact_challenge_circle-1OTARC’s researchers have created the ASDetect app, a free app which allows parents and caregivers to assess their children in the early detection of Autism and related developmental conditions. The research underlying the app has 81 per cent accuracy.

Autism affects 1 in 68 children, if identified and diagnosed in the first few years of a child’s life, it need not become a lifelong disability.  With early diagnosis and appropriate intervention programs a toddler can have positive developmental outcomes in his or her life.



Why we need your vote…

If La Trobe’s OTARC is one of the winners, the prize money would enable the app to be translated into 5 other languages across the world… that’s a lot of lives that can potentially be changed for the better.


How do you vote?

Click on this link and then share it with your friends to do the same!  It is that easy! Thank you again for your support.

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Voting closes on October 26th 2016.