How to use the One Button Studio!

So you need to record a video interview or presentation but don’t know where to get started? Look no further than the One Button Studio, my friends. This amazing tool, also known as the 1BS,  is a recording room that allows you to record videos with professional quality, but removes all of the technical problems that this involves. So you can make your own pro-looking videos, and don’t have to worry about cameras, lightning or audio setups! It is all good and ready to go. The best aspect about it is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Now, I am going to give you a small introduction on how to use the 1BS so you can start recording yourself!



So the first step is to actually book a One Button Studio room for yourself or your group. This can be done with your Office 365 account provided by the uni. Just go to, log into you student account, tap the Calendar app, and set up a new calendar event. Once you do this, hit up the Scheduling Assistant button. There, select the start and end times of your recording session, add other people that may need to go with you, and select a room. When selecting a room, click up the Resources 0-9 option, and all of the One Button Studios across all campuses and their availability should come up. Select the room relevant to you, and save your changes. Voilà! You just booked your first 1BS session! You will get an email confirmation saying that your request has been accepted. Don’t forget to bring your student card for your session! You’ll need it to open the door. Also, keep in mind that you can only book one hour long sessions at a time.


Once you have your room booked, you need to find yourself a USB drive with at least 500 MB of available memory. This is the approximate amount of space you’ll need for 20 or 25 minutes of video recording. Even if you are planning on making a short video, it will probably take more than one try to get it perfect, so make sure you have enough memory. When you come into the 1BS, you will see a USB port for you to plug in your device. When you do so, lighting will come on and you are ready to go! Just press the big silver button to start your recording, and the press it again to finish it. Each video that you make will automatically be saved into your USB drive. Now, I’m going to show you a small video I made in the One Button Studio so you can see what it looks like!

After you have your video, you can edit and add more stuff to it! Uni provides us with video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and you can install those on university computers without requesting permission. A guide on editing your video is available here. Also, more video examples, FAQs and extra information on the 1BS is on the uni’s website. So get keen and do your own video! I am sure it will be an experience you’ll enjoy a lot! I’ll see you guys in another post.