Procrastinate Your Procrastination!

Ah yes procrastination… such an intriguing word in fact sitting and thinking about it causes me to waste time.  Gosh this Gif collage sums it up perfectly:


We know it is happening but sometimes we can’t stop… we know it is eating away at our precious time but the lure of it can be too satisfying…. and then we hit that slump of…. why?  Why did I decide to clean out my wardrobe instead of getting on with this assignment?  I don’t know about you, but even cleaning my house is more attractive than getting on with an essay that just seems impossible. But of course we still have to get the work done…and then PANIC!


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So why do we procrastinate?

Well sometimes it is just for fun… you know it is way more fun to watch the latest episodes of ‘Suits’ on Netflix instead of getting my weekly readings done.  Sometimes I am just plain tired, and I don’t feel like starting something that has ‘too hard’ stamped all over it or I know I’m not going to ace it easily, so I put it off to avoid the failure on not producing the perfect piece of work.  In the end I am not doing myself any favours… thankfully I am getting better at managing my time, mostly out of the sheer need, but more because I am honest with myself as to what I am doing.


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Procrastination and perfectionism are often linked

The Student Development Advisers (SDA’s) have developed this great information sheet that highlights the link between procrastination and perfectionism.

Perfectionism perfectly summed up:

Positively motivated by goals  vs. Feeling weighed down by goals

Act and seek feedback as you go vs. Waiting for the ‘perfect’ time

Celebrate the little victories  vs. Nothing is ever enough

Recognising the big picture  vs. Obsessing over tiny mistakes

Good study/life balance  vs.  Neglecting the rest of your life

Learning from mistakes  vs.  Hating & avoiding failure

Mistakes = learning opportunities vs. Mistakes = regret


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The fear of failure, dissatisfaction, regret over previous mistakes, and the need to be in control can all contribute to why we procrastinate… but hey that’s enough about the problem… lets not procrastinate and dwell on all this stuff… it is time for some solutions!

Out amazing team of SDA’s give us some useful tips – this information is taken straight from their handout.  I take no credit whatsoever for the awesome facts in this blog… I am purely relaying their brilliance.


Change your thinking:

  • We often procrastinate to put off the discomfort we feel, but the discomfort increases overtime the more we procrastinate.
  • Focus on your values: what is driving you to do this course/subject?
  • Make an appointment to see a Counsellor, Disability Advisor, Peer Learning Advisor, or Student Development Adviser.


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Some helpful techniques for Perfectionism and Procrastination

Tips for your time:

  • Procrastinate your procrastination! Often this will give your urge to procrastinate time to pass if you say “I’ll procrastinate in 15 mins”.
  • Prioritise your work: write down what needs to get done, and do the more urgent stuff first using colours or numbers. And push yourself to do it!
  • Chunk your time: instead of scheduling time to “write my essay”, schedule time to “find 5 articles”, write introduction”, etc.
  • Be realistic about your energy levels, and interest in the subject: lots of small chunks for hard subjects, less and bigger chunks for better ones. – Do the worst thing first.
  • Use your best time in the best place (are you a morning or night person?
  • Music on, or off?)
  • Set reminders using your phone, calendar, post it notes etc.
  • Tell a friend or family member what your plans are.
  • Practice saying no to some things in your life.


Tips for your thoughts

  • Learn to accept discomfort and boredom for a little longer each time.
  • It’s not about ‘lowering your standards’, it’s about recognising you are human and therefore imperfect
  • Celebrate a little when you achieve what you set out to do.
  • Recognise where your life is at right now: if there is a lot on your plate, your work may not be quite up to your usual high standard.
  • Give yourself an assessment to be “imperfect”, to learn from your mistakes.

You know…. we pay a lot of money to come to Uni, so we need to make the most of it by speaking to the Peer Learning Advisors, Counsellors, Disability Advisors and Student Development Advisers!  There are so many services to help us get it right, and all at our fingertips.  Get onto the La Trobe website, and search for the service you need, most of them have drop in sessions, or you can book an appointment.

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Bendigo Campus!  This is for you!

For more help with your procrastination…

Bendigo Campus are hosting a session “Procrastination and Perfectionism” with strategies on how to gain motivation for study and create realistic expectations for your study goals.

Monday 3rd October

12:30pm-1:30pm | SU Floor

Questions from the floor welcome