Mid Semester Exam Preparation!

It is week 7 already guys! Time really does fly. We are now officially more than half way through the “class part” of the semester. Stress is starting to kick in a little bit and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling that way. Assignments every week, lectures, tutorials and labs, it can all get a tad overwhelming. On top of that, as it if wasn’t enough already, mid semester exams and quizzes are coming. Since this time can get really hectic, here are some tips and tricks on how to ace your mid semester tests!

Be aware of the dates

So if you have any assessments, your lecturer will let you know with some time in advance. You might have just one midterm exam, or you may have one for each subject. No matter the case, you should be aware of the dates so you don’t get caught off guard. I’m not too good with dates myself, and when I have several things in mind, I tend to mix them up. That’s why I like to write down in a calendar all of the dates for each of my evaluations. This allows me to have all of my information clear and organised.


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Make a study plan and start early

If you make a calendar with all of your dates, why not take advantage of that and make a study plan? I like to split all of the information I have to learn in little chunks. That way I can study a little piece every day, instead of cramming all of the information the day before the test. So, take a look at your lecture notes, split them up, and make a little study schedule for each day. Make sure you prioritise the test that is due first or the subject that you find the most difficult.

Also, the only way to avoid cramming all the things you have to learn just before the test is to start early! As I always recommend, starting your study early is the absolute best way to ace any assessment you have. This allows you to study in a more relaxed manner and avoid a lot of tears and desperation. Another advantage of studying this way is that you get the chance to ask questions or clear any doubts you may have before the exam. If you leave everything for the last day and a doubt comes up, there’s not much you can do except pray. So make sure you put together a good game plan and allow enough time for study! Trust me, you’ll be much happier this way.


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Find time for fun and stress relief

Life if about balance, not only about study! To stay relaxed and focused, you also need to find time to do some activities you enjoy. You may exercise, go out with some friends or watch a series online. Whatever is that you do, make sure you take regular breaks from the desk and computer. This makes you more productive and helps you stay more concentrated when you study. On top of that, try to get some quality sleep. Feeling sleepy and tired won’t help your learning much. Also, don’t forget to celebrate and treat yourself when your tests are done!


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So there’s no need to feel stressed about exams (okay, only a little). Just a tiny bit of planning can go a long way when it comes to study. You will be grateful you planned your days when you finish and ace all of your tests! It will really make your life a whole lot easier. If you are having a little bit of trouble with you learning methods, make sure to use the resources that uni has available for you. So go on, study hard and I know you’ll do great! See you in another post.