Cadetship Opportunities

Remember my last post about the Science Cadetship Program? I’m pretty sure I waxed poetic about how the real world is out there and that we should prepare for it and how the Cadetship Program is the perfect opportunity for that… That still all holds true.

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The program has been running for more than 10 years and has helped numerous students- from various disciplines- get industry placements that complement their studies and help jumpstart their careers.

Through the program, students receive an employer-funded (tax free) scholarship for the duration of the cadetship. The cadetship lasts up to 12 weeks with recruitment starting in early September. So you should definitely start looking at the opportunities that are up on the application portal!

The online application form and the recruitment round will open shortly and we’ll be sure to let you know so you can make the most of these wonderful opportunities and get applying!

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So why apply?

Aside from the obvious benefits like getting the prime opportunity of applying the knowledge and skills you’ve worked hard to earn throughout university, you’ll get to meet people who are currently in the industry and who you can definitely learn a thing or two about workplace expectations, how to handle yourself in professional settings and can help you understand the career paths and specialisations available that might be for you.

Through this, you can also create connections that can be beneficial to you in the long run by helping you improve your communication and relationship building skills.



This program is all about doing things that can further you in your career and doing them now. It helps you think about what’s ahead and lets you see the big picture and the long-term plans that you should have for yourself.

Now the program has added a Cadetship Application portal where interested students can view the cadetship opportunities that are being offered.

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The portal is a neat thing- it tells you of the available opportunities with their corresponding position descriptions so that you can alter your CV to fit into their requirements. If you’re struggling with building your CV and writing your cover letter (i feel you, bud), the Careers & Employability team have drop in sessions catered to helping you with that.

Have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to email the Cadetships team at

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Read further information (and testimonials!) about the program here.