Research Week: Lunch Time Talks and Facility Tours

Hi guys! As I mentioned in my last post, the week from September 5th-9th is going to be Research Week at La Trobe. This is a great chance to take a look at the incredible research that is being done at our uni and that will probably shape the way we live in the future. Two of the coolest events that will take place this awesome week will be the Lunch Time Talks and the Research Facility tours.



Lunch Time Talks

The Lunch Time Talks will be short presentations where our researchers will talk and discuss their work. At the end of these, there will be a chance to ask questions. These sessions will be hosted each day around mid-day in the TLC and LIMS buildings. The topics to be discussed are:

  • Latest in Autism Research – Early diagnosis of Autism
  • The good side of Bacteria?  – There’s much more to bacteria than grime
  • Invisible Islanders – now settlers in rural Victoria
  • Keeping knees healthy and active post ACL injury
  • A cancer free world? – Looking at cures for Cachexia – one of the leading causes of cancer death.
  • Water management – The key to future water management could lie in analysing lessons from the past
  • Can a reduction in the use of phosphate in farming alleviate world hunger?
  • Healthcare meets emotional intelligence – how it impacts on the aged care sector

There is no registration required to attend these talks. Go ahead and find a topic you like, check out the full schedule here, and go have a take a look with a couple of friends!



Research facility tours

During Research Week you will have to opportunity to attend tours to the different research labs on campus. Note that these labs are usually accessible only by the specialists working in them, so this is a great chance to check them out! You’ll be seeing the labs where all of the exciting work takes place. If you are interested in postgraduate studies and research, looking at the labs will give you an idea of what working there is like. If you are not, you might become interested just by seeing them! Some of the facilities to visit include the Maritime Simulation Laboratory, The Wildlife Sancturary and the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medical Research Center. Check out this page to look at the full schedule and book a place in one of the tours.

So get keen! This is going to be an awesome event very worth checking out. Spread the word around and stay tuned for more information on Research Week in the days to come. See you in another post!