Census dates! They apply to all students!

You might have heard the term ‘Census Dates’ and wondered what all the fuss is about.  Seriously, this date can save you some serious cash!  Not only that, it will help you avoid that regrettable fail grade on your permanent academic record.

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So let me explain… because if you think to yourself, “yeah I already filled in the census online” you have got the wrong census in mind.

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What is it?

The La Trobe University Census date is the last day you can withdraw from a subject you are currently enrolled in, without having to pay the fees.  Yep let’s do a happy dance!

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Even if you are Commonwealth funded through HECS, you will eventually have to pay these fees back once your start earning. If you intend on withdrawing from a subject, save yourself some money, and withdraw before La Trobe’s census date.  Otherwise you will pay for it and possibly have a fail grade on  your permanent academic transcript.

August-23The dates that save you money!

Here is a link to a table with all the important census dates.


So how does it work?

Best Scenario

If I decide to withdraw from a subject before Tuesday August 23rd, I won’t have to pay the fee for the subject.  But wait there is more… I will also avoid receiving a fail grade on my academic transcript.  This should be your first choice when considering withdrawing from a unit of study.

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Kiss your cash goodbye

If I withdraw after August 23rd but before September 21st, I will still have to pay the subject fees, but I will avoid receiving a fail grade on my academic transcript.  That is a whole lotta cash to kiss goodbye!

or (please try to avoid this one)…


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Kiss your Cash goodbye and have the record to prove it.

After September 21st, if I withdraw from a subject,  I will both have to pay the academic fees and also receive a fail grade on my academic record.


rememberThis is why it is very important to remember these dates, and make your decisions based on the information found in the links. Informed choices are the best ones, so know everything you can about your census dates.

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Please note:  This date applies to the standard teaching dates… if you are concerned which date applies to you, check out the link to La Trobe Census Date information on their website and keep yourself informed.

Enjoy your week everyone!