How Can I Improve My Grades?

Over the holidays we all endure that wait to see what our final results are going to be!  For some it can be a long wait to see if we have achieved what we needed just to pass.

the horror


Others of us may even be considering majors that are competitive to get into, and require a certain percentage average across your marks.  I myself am aiming for a major in Anatomy and Physiology in my second year, so grades are important.

goldfish jumping out of the water


Let’s face it, we all have times when we feel we didn’t quite achieve what we could have.  But wait there is good news!  The academic and support services team run workshops to help us achieve our potential.  We don’t have wing it and see how we go, we can plan to improve our grades using helpful strategies that can help us stay on top of our studies.

So whether you are scraping in on a pass or you are wanting to bump up your average grade mark, these workshops will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your best.



If you have checked out this link previously and some of the dates were old, be assured this has all been updated and you can register directly using this easy link.

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