Research Study – University students who spent time in out-of-home care

La Trobe University is seeking participants for the research project, “Attracting and supporting care leavers in higher education”.

A team of investigators at La Trobe University, Federation University Australia, Western Sydney University and the Queensland University of Technology is currently conducting a research project examining the experiences and achievements of university students who spent time in out-of-home care (e.g. foster care, residential care, kinship care, ward of the State) before they were 18. The research is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.
The major aims of the research project are:

To better understand the experiences of students with out-of-home care backgrounds who are at university;To learn what approaches universities could take to attract and support more students from out-of-home care backgrounds.

The research team is seeking university students who spent time in out-of-home care and are willing to participate in an interview about their experiences in their pathways to university, and their experiences when attending university.

If you are interested in receiving further information about this research and what is being requested by interview participants, please email your contact details to or contact the La Trobe University Access and Achievement Research Unit on 03 9479 5452.

Suzanne Sealey