When I first started uni, I thought I’d be going out every weekend, making friends with everyone I meet and that uni work would be a breeze. How wrong I was. I’ve realised that it is quite challenging to make connections with people that already have their own lives and social networks outside of La Trobe. I also quickly noted that keeping on top of all your uni work can be incredibly difficult, especially when you have a subscription to Netflix.



One of the main ways I’ve become friends with people on campus is not by sitting next to them in tuts but through clubs and societies. They are a great way to meet new people and expand your social network. This is particularly important if the clubs and societies are relevant to your SHE discipline. Joining a SHE-specific club is a fantastic way to meet students from different year levels. Making connections with older students is helpful as they can give you heaps of advice and tips about the uni life they have experienced before you!


older students have heaps of wisdom to spread around






 Don’t by any means think it’s too late to join these clubs and societies because they accept new members year round! Most don’t even have a formal sign up process, so it’s easy to get involved! Your best bet is to message the groups and pages I’ve linked above and make sure you ‘like’ them to be notified on all their upcoming events.



The major events for many societies are starting to take place! The most notable ones are the boat cruises, trivia nights and balls. The boat cruises are usually themed and really picturesque as you travel along the Yarra River. The drinks are dirt cheap and given the small proximity of people on the boat; you are bound to meet people! If you don’t know many students within the society, you can ask another friend to come along with you! Check your relevant clubs and society page for more details!

im on a boat


One of my favourite things to do is balllin’. No, I don’t mean play basketball because I have two left feet. I am talking about the annual balls that many of our SHE clubs and societies run. They are usually held in September but some are earlier in the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

They can be a bit pricey for some of us, as you also have to think about your make-up and which dress or suit you are going to wear. However, they are fantastic nights with the food, drinks, photos and after party all included in your ticket! If you can’t get a full table of friends going, just let the society know and they’ll place you with people in the same year level etc. Attending uni balls has probably been one of the highlights of my uni experience (as well as a great opportunity for a new Instagram upload)


Please take the plunge and get involved! It can be hard at first to take that initial step and put yourself out there. However, I’m so glad I signed up to the societies I’ve become involved in because uni has been made so much more enjoyable!