When you first arrive at university, there is a lot to take in. There’s a new campus, new teaching method (blended learning woo!), new assignments and new friends. What also took a while to wrap my head around was the different acronyms and slang used for various words and terms. Coming from another university, some saying were familiar to me, such as JAFFY but other terms are very La Trobe specific such as ‘Ag’ for Agora.



I’m trying to develop a list of university jargon to help students navigate their way through uni without feeling like a lost puppy. Like when someone mentions a term you don’t understand but are too embarrassed to question it so you just awkwardly laugh it off.

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Here’s what we’ve got so far but I’d like to build this list with more SHE specific terms as well as more general ones ie from regional campuses! If you have any ideas please comment below because we’d love some more student input! (teamGIF)

Here’s the list so far:

Ag= The Agora or food hub (Bundoora campus)

BSA= Bendigo Student’s Association (Bendigo Campus)

Café Nook = quite study area near café at Shepparton

Course / Degree= These terms relate to the course of study you are entering into eg. Bachelor of Science. On successful completion an academic degree is awarded.

Discipline (academic discipline) = Field of study or branch of knowledge eg. Genetics, botany, chemistry, math, etc ….

Glenn/ Menzies/ Chisholm = The main colleges for students that live on campus (Bundoora)

Eagle Bar= The bar on campus that’s great for a wind-down (Bundoora)

Eduroam= The wireless Internet network you connect to on-campus

JAFFY= Just Another **** First Year

LMS= Learning Management System where all your resources for subjects will be

LTU= La Trobe University

LTSU= La Trobe’s Student Union. Thank them for your student diary and sausage sizzles!

Major= The main subject for your qualification (not in all SHE degrees). You need to complete at least one major in your degree. The handbook will help you understand the rules around majors. It is the academic discipline you will major in. In the B.Sc. you will need to pick subjects that will allow you to major in at least one discipline.

Minor= The sub-subject as part of your degree (not in all SHE degrees)

MSA= Mildura Student Association

Northland= The closest major shopping centre full of interesting characters (near Bundoora campus)

PLAs= Peer Learning Advisers

Polaris = The shopping centre next to the Bundoora campus where all the people living ‘on res’ go to buy groceries.

Postgrad= A course completed by a student that already has a degree

Reg = regional campuses

Res= Short for living on residency or living on campus

SSA = Shepparton Student Association (in Shepparton)

StalkerSpace= A Facebook group run by La Trobe students to discuss/ rant/ share memes about everything

Stollies= Every LTU students’ favourite Tuesday night at the Stolberg pub

Subject=  Your course is broken into units of study or subjects.

SWOTVAC= The week after week 12 and before the exam period starts

The 86= The tram that everyone takes down Plenty Rd to get to uni

The Moat= The infested body of water near Glenn College on Bundoora campus

That’s what SHE said= Awesome new blog for SHE students in case you hadn’t heard 😛

TurnItIn= Text matching tool designed to detect plagiarism and improve academic writing skills

Undergrad= A course completed by a student who does not have a previous degree

Union Corner = where all things happen at Shepparton

Vice- Chancellor= head of the university and equivalent to the principal or CEO

WSA – Wodonga Student Association (AW)


If there are other bits of jargon that you wish you had known please let the LTU world know by commenting below!