Sick of seeing everyone else’s #nofilter Instagram posts of their travel adventures? Have an urge to see Big Ben, climb the Great Wall or ski on the Swiss Alps? Do you want to sail the Croatian islands or meet the love of you life in Paris? You can do these things (disclaimer: cannot guarantee that last one) and more when you go on exchange!


Too many rabbits in China


La Trobe is in partnership with over 150 universities in more than 40 countries! The opportunities are endless and the experience you gain, invaluable. You are able to choose from short-term, semester or yearlong programs. An exchange is not just another holiday and you do have to actually study… but many people that have been on exchange say its actually better than regular travelling because you get to really experience the culture and make life long friends.

ben stiller

You could form the next Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson bromance with your new found friend 🙂



On the 6th and 7th of April, there will be FREE exchange fairs happening on the Melbourne and Bendigo campuses respectively. You’ll get the chance to meet some exchange partners from around the globe and find out more info about the processes involved in an exchange. Click here to sign up and for event times and locations

 The information is mostly for exchanges taking place in 2017 but given the amount of planning that needs to go into organising an exchange, it is vital to start early. In fact, the deadline for submissions is 1st July… so get onto it quickly!

You can also join the ‘La Trobe Study Abroad and Exchange Program’ on Facebook



All domestic and international students doing a degree are eligible to apply for exchange. However, you need to check with your course co-ordinators as to whether you can apply, as some subjects are very specific and not recognised/taught by other tertiary organisations. Students also need to have completed at least 120 credit points by the time they do the exchange program. However, the most notable requirement for students is that they need to have a 65% or above grade! So if you want to go on exchange, I suggest hitting those books (or e-books)




You’re probably thinking, I don’t even have enough money for a happy meal let alone a six-month exchange! However, there are heaps of grants and scholarships available to students going on exchange, some to the tune of $1500. You can also consider working while you are on exchange but in saying this, you need to understand the working rights of the country etc.

Here is a list of some of the expenses you need to consider before committing to an exchange:

  • FOOD
  • Visas and passports
  • Travel/ health insurance
  • Airfares (see STA travel on campus for some good deals)
  • Accommodation (share house vs. on campus accommodation)
  • Additional travelling (night out in Mykanos, anyone?)




billy madison

Don’t like the idea of being one of those students that just never finishes their degree and seems to stay at uni forever? No need to worry, because when doing an exchange you get credit towards your La Trobe degree and don’t have to fall behind your cohort. If you’re thinking that a short-term exchange is more to your liking, then you still don’t need to fear because they are usually held during the holidays.

Have a great mid-semester break everyone!