Funnily enough, academic skills at university are something you just can’t shy away from. If you don’t have a good grasp on how to write a lab report, reference an assignment or be a good presenter… then I would definitely recommend looking at the Achieve @ Uni page on the La Trobe website

Do you ever read over a text to your best friend and think, how is this even English? I am attached to my phone for every waking minute of the day so to ensure that my reading, writing and language skills are not lost in the world of GIFS and emojis, I had a look at these sections on the Achieve @ Uni page.



I also had a look at the presentations section before I did one of many for my core first year health science subjects. The facilitators are normally pretty fair markers for the first presentation but can mark you down for fidgeting or avoiding eye contact at all costs, so becoming a good speaker is inevitable as a SHE student.

giphy jimmy

Try to avoid looking like Jimmy during a presentaion


If you think that you need to see someone to help you with your academic skills,  go visit the Peer Learning Advisors or Student Learning lecturers, who I mentioned in my ‘Support Services @ La Trobe’ post

P.S. A reminder that Allocate + closes on March 11!