If you’re a first year student, this is probably the thousandth time you’ve heard about AIM and Wominjeka. If you’re a second, third or fourth year student, this is probably the millionth time you’ve heard about AIM and Wominjeka. I have to sincerely apologise for this post but nonetheless, it is something I have to mention to you guys

enough already



Both modules are:

  • Online
  • Have no subject fees
  • Only take about 1-2 hours each
  • Don’t have to be done all at once
  • MUST BE COMPLETED before you graduate but get onto it ASAP
  • Can be found as subjects on the LMS (LTU0AIM) (ABS0WOM) but you should be automatically enrolled into them
  • Set out so you read information/watch a video and answer questions based on what you have just learned. You don’t have to do anything before hand, other than grab some snacks if you want to smash them out in one go

jelly beans

my go-to energy snack



The Academic Integrity Module will teach you about La Trobe’s academic standards, so that you avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct. These are pretty serious offences and more often than not, occur not because the student wants to cause trouble but rather, they became lazy or didn’t pay attention to academic standards.

Students can access an infinite amount of information through the click of a button, so it can be tempting to think ‘How will my facilitator/tutor ever know if I copy this?’ This mindset can lead you to a whole lot of trouble… especially given that TurnItIn is now used to submit assignments and has a ‘similarity index (I will be discussing TurnItIn in future posts).

AIM has no credit points but you must successfully complete it by getting a 90% result or over. Here’s the link if you want some more information on AIM



 You probably don’t know how to pronounce this but you will by the end of the module! It emphasises the importance of understanding Indigenous Australian history, culture and customs. We always acknowledge the traditional owners of the land (the Wurundjeri people), without really knowing anything about them. This module really helped me to understand their cultural heritage and build upon some knowledge I had learnt previously at school and through the media.

aboriginal art


Here’s good link for more information if you’re interested