I can speak for most of us here and say that students are unaware of all the different and varying support services that are at La Trobe. There is a misconceived perception among students that because we are tertiary level, we are supposed to be independent beings that have our lives sorted and never wave the white flag. Truth is, I go through most of the semester out of my depth and without some of the support services available, I would be a red-hot mess.



There are a few places that SHE students can go to access information about services. The 2016 student diary has a great list of everything you need to know about things like counselling, the student unions and paying your fees. You can also find a list of services on the student support page

 Here is a more comprehensive list of where to go for support:


 ASK LA TROBE As I mentioned in my o-week post, ASK La Trobe is a great place to start for all your admin questions about uni. You can either visit the desks at the library or post a question online. However, sometimes asking La Trobe can mean waiting a while for an answer… so make sure you check the support services page to see if there is a more specific place to direct your queries (or better known as freakouts!)

FEES Are not something I like to think about… the only time I am painfully reminded of my HECS debt is when I am sent a fee statement every semester (cue wallowing in self-pity)



However, if you’re less inclined to supress your debt thoughts than I am, visit the domestic and international students fee pages I have linked.

FINANCIAL ASSISSTANCE If you’re struggling to keep on top of your finances while studying, PLEASE don’t feel like you’re alone. The uni has a number or financial and welfare support systems in place to help you understand your financial situation, provide food and make loans.

In fact, there is now a Student Union financial counselling service! If you are in financial difficulty (ie living off two minute noodles), contact our qualified financial counsellor, Robyn Angus. How to make an appointment:

  • Melbourne, Shepparton and Mildura. Call: 9479 2314
  • Albury-Wodonga – Wodonga Student Association. Call: 0419 423 056

SCHOLARSHIPS are a heap of scholarships up for grabs, with many being relevant to SHE students. Students tend to think that scholarships are only given to ‘the smart ones’, but this is not the case at all. In fact, many are given to students that are suffering from hardships or financial issues. For example, there is a new $500 Care Leaver Bursary to all first year undergraduate students who have spent time in formal out-of-home

 STUDENT IT SUPPORT As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a basket case when it comes to technology. If I ask someone for help they normally say, “Is it because it actually doesn’t work or because it’s you who’s on the computer?” My friends at IT support have dealt quite a bit with my incompetence over the last year. You can visit them near the ASK La Trobe desks in the library if you have issues with your e-mails, wifi connectivity, LMS and more.




FACILITATORS/ COURSE CO-ORDINATORS: Are the people you should speak to if you have specific subject questions about assessments and exams. Their details can be found on your LMS pages but remember to check forum posts to see if your questions have been answered.

 ACADEMIC RECORDS If you need your academic transcript (that hopefully is a sea of A’s) when applying for jobs and internships, you can complete the application form through the link provided.

STUDENT LEARNING :If you think that you need to see an actual person to help you with your academic skills, sorry… talking face-to-face no longer exists. I’m just messing with you but if you want your assignments to be better than my jokes, go visit the Peer Learning Advisors or Student Learning lecturers for drop-in learning support.


 PRAYER ROOMS/CHAPLAINCY There is a prayer room and ablution facilities for Muslim students next to Education 2 on the level 2 podium. There is also a La Trobe chaplaincy service offering pastoral care, spiritual support and practical assistance!

CHILD CARE Having a child and being an undergraduate student is a tough gig and I am in awe of anyone who is a student parent. La Trobe offers full and part time care for children of students on the Melbourne campus.


I’ll take any excuse to post a cute baby picture on here

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 FREE LEGAL ADVICE Found a snail in a bottle? If so, you can access FREE legal advice from the Student Union.

INDIGENOUS STUDENTS La Trobe prides itself on being a leading university in Indigenous equality and education (as demonstrated first-hand with the Wominjeka module). If you are an Indigenous student, there are cultural programs and student services to support you throughout your uni degree.



GLBTIQ STUDENTS GLBTIQ students can access a queer counsellor, a queer peers program and the queer lounge in the Union building if in need of support and services.

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 COUNSELLING Did you know that one in six Australians aged 16-24-experience anxiety and one in 16 experience depression? The university semester can become very stressful and overwhelming. This is expected at certain points in the semester but if you think you aren’t coping or have an abnormal amount of stress or anxiety, it is advisable to visit the FREE counselling services. Just because the counselling services are on campus, does not mean your queries have to be study related. You could need help with:

  • Relationships
  • Self-esteem or confidence
  • Alcohol or drug related problems
  • Coping with disabilities, health problems and mental illnesses

Our counsellors are trained professionals who offer a confidential service and there is also the opportunity to take part in individual OR small group counselling.

I NEED A DOCTOR The La Trobe medical centre is located on the corner of Plenty Road and Kingsbury drive. It provides a bulk billing service for staff and students (international students can also access the free service with a health card). When I visited the clinic in week 12, it was full of students like myself who had become run down with the common cold!

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 DISABILITY SUPPORT If you have an ongoing medical condition please visit the link provided.


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