Feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do before uni starts? Want to get to know fellow students? Still have questions that haven’t been answered? Then you should join the ‘Orientation Connect’ group on Facebook.  It’s a new initiative from the university that aims to get students settled into the La Trobe way of life! The page will let you know about orientation events as well as that need-to-know information for the first few weeks of semester.

The page is run by Connect Mentors and staff and they are happy to answer any questions you may have between 9-5 on weekdays. I wish this page existed when I was going through orientation because all the things you have to do in o-week and week 1 can make you feel very stressed and alone!


Me on o-week


A lot of questions up on the page will be ones that you have as well, so it will be comforting to know you are not the only with that concern. This week, the group is running an exciting competition where you can win a La Trobe hoodie (ESSENTIAL during winter) and other free goodies, so go check it out!

Joining the Facebook page is a little complex – using a computer (not mobile) visit the instructions page to set up exclusive student access.


My next posts will be on Allocate + and textbooks, so keep reading and don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions!



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  1. Love this blog and the whole idea of open communication between all SHE students. Going to the FB page now

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