Us uni students are (or will become) familiar with the saying ‘P’s (Passes) get Degrees’. Some students see this as a motto to live by and I must admit, ‘P’s get Degrees’ does make you feel better about your grades when you’re up at 1:00 am cramming for exams or an assignment.Unknown-1

Source: buzzfed.com

However, just scraping by with passes on your academic record doesn’t really scream ‘dream employee’ to your future boss. Juggling a social life, part-time jobs and relationships with your studies can mean struggling to get the grades you want. But settling for a ‘pass’ instead of a ‘distinction’ is not the way to get through your degree because remember, your academic transcript is permanent!

So, how do get better grades? By attending the ‘Improve Your Grades’ sessions that are run by the College of SHE (of course)! Whether you’re a first year student who wants to gain great study habits early on or a third year who hasn’t received the grades you’d hoped for, these sessions will be super important to your academic success!

The sessions will be targeted at students who may be having trouble with:

  • time management
  • anxiety and stress
  • financial obstacles
  • personal circumstances

I know that many people (myself included) have struggled coping with at least one of these issues during the semester, so I would really recommend you attend. The registration page can be found by clicking on this link latrobe.edu.au/students/exams/results. The first session will be held before semester starts on the 17th of February so check it out ASAP!