Firstly let me say, welcome! This is my first post to the new ‘That’s what SHE said’ student blog (so please be nice!) My name’s Denise and I’m currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master’s of Speech Pathology degree.


SHE is an acronym for the College of Science, Health and Engineering (so no, you’re not in a college for only females). The college includes nine schools and 16 departments working across all campuses offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. If you’d like to know more about SHE, visit this link latrobe.edu.au/she 


This blog is a new initiative from SHE and we will aim to provide you with weekly information on the social, academic and administrative aspects of the SHE student experience. While I will be posting most of the content, I welcome any of your ideas! If you guys would like to be guest bloggers or feel like there is a topic that should be posted about, please let us know through our comments/feedback section!

If you are about to embark on your first year of study at La Trobe University, I congratulate you on making it to tertiary studies! Whether you’re straight out of high school, changing institutions or back to studying after taking a break, getting accepted into a university is no easy feat! When I got my offer last year, I was so excited that my inner Elaine from Seinfeld was unleashed for a few moments!

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To all you returning students, I hope you’ve had a relaxing three months break, which was enough time to recharge those batteries. I personally feel rejuvenated and ready to really start 2016 because so far, my 2016 have consisted of spending too much money on brunches and watching ‘Making a Murderer’ on Netflix. Although uni can be stressful and those nine o’clock lectures can be a struggle, the structure of a semester gives me back the feeling of normalcy and purpose you tend to lose during the summer holidays when you become nocturnal.


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I’ll have more information about orientation week (o-week) and how to prepare for your first classes in my next blog posts, so stay tuned. I will say that attending the event is essential as you gain a better understanding of your course, the university campus and more. Click on the link below to then access the Orientation planners for your respective campus. latrobe.edu.au/students/new-students/orientation

International students should note that you must attend a registration session with La Trobe International before Orientation. The registration information is in the link below latrobe.edu.au/students/new-students/international/arriving/registration


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I would also recommend looking at the Ready4Uni resource, as it really helped me prepare myself for uni before o-week. The webpage contains all that need-to-know information about  academic preparation and support services. Ready4Uni should have been e-mailed to your student account but I’ll post the link here too http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/new-students/ready4uni

Enjoy your last few weeks of the summer break (or freedom as some might say) and see you for o-week!